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    Original artwork by Anne Roberts  

Do you create custom work?
Yes, all of our work is designed by Anne Roberts and her team to meet your exact needs and specifications.

How long will my Feir Mill product last?
Our products can last up to 80 years depending on their care.

How do I best care for my piece?
Twice a year apply a 50/50 solution of boiled linseed and varsol or turpentine. Brush this on
and rub off.

Caring for your piece is easy, but Feir Mill Design also provides a product care service for your convenience. We come to your home twice
a year and treat your products for you. Just contact us and we'll do the rest.

Where can I buy your pieces?
Please contact us by phone, email or fax and
Anne Roberts will be delighted to get back to
you personally.

Will my Feir Mill piece change over time?
Yes. Our products are organic. The colour
becomes richer and deeper and the piece will settle into itself.



Close-up of Butterfly Screen

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